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“I See!”

A woman holds a book and two mimes in striped shirts leap up with their hands raised.


Christian Mime Theater skits are sermon illustrations
that bring scripture passages and contemporary parables to life
through the ministry of pantomime.

Mime comes from the word, “mimesis,” which means to “recreate.” This ancient, graceful art form will bless your congregation as it opens their imagination to “see” the Word of God materialize visibly.

Christian Mime Theater comes in many forms: “Fractured Parables,”  “Scripture Mime,”  “Story Time Theater,”  “Reader’s Theater,”  and “Skits On A Theme.”

Christian Mime Theater scripts provide very memorable introductions, conclusions, or midway examples for the pastor as he presents the sermon. It gives your drama ministry a firsthand opportunity to link with the pastor to create a sermon illustration that will compliment any topical or expository sermon.


Enjoy Some Video Samples


One Body, Many Parts

This “Christian Mime Theater” skit presents a visual picture of the diversity of spiritual gifts, which God has given to His Church to help us carry out His “Great Commission.” It provides an excellent sermon illustration on the equality and the diversity of spiritual gifts.


Click on the links below to view the scripts
in the three categories that make up “Christian Mime Ministry.”

4 adults seated on stage, being directed by a man behind them.

Fractured Parables

Fractured Parables are modern, humorous retellings of the parables of
Jesus, illustrating ancient truth in a contemporary light. Mimes portray
the action as the narrator relates the parable with witty twists and
unexpected surprises.

A man with sun glasses riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle on a church stage.

Scripture Mime 

Scripture Mime brings scripture passages to life through the
ministry of pantomime. During the “voice over” reading of the
scripture, people come to life in various light pools across the stage,
portraying contemporary enactments of the timeless Word of God.

A woman holds a book, and gestures to two mimes in striped shirts.

Story Time Theater

Story Time Theater features the pantomime/storytelling talents of two 
mimes, one “Story Lady,” and one pianist, who improvises music 
during the story. The mimes act out the events told by the Story Lady 
who reads a contemporary parable that brings a scriptural concept to 

Three people read scripts in a Choral Reading.

Reader’s Theater 

Reader’s Theater is dramatic literature presented by readers who are 
seated and who read the script using the techniques of oral 
interpretation, characterization, and pantomime to create a theatrical 

A man in a red shirt stands beside stacked boxes that spell HOPE.

Skits On A Theme

“Skits On A Theme” is a group of skits that fit together to make 
 a thematic statement.  Each of these skits is woven together with a 
 narrative that provides insightful spiritual commentary, creating a 
 unified message.