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 God’s Masterpiece

A Christian Easter Pageant Play

Jesus walking rapidly down the ramp with others who celebrate His coming!

“Christ the King!

Here He comes, Let your praises ring.

Here He comes, Here comes Jesus, now!”

Let this be the cry of your congregation or Christian school this Easter as you stage
God’s Masterpiece, a spectacular, yet uncomplicated, Christian Easter passion play.


God’s Masterpiece, is an inspiring 90-minute musical theater presentation of the life of Christ, helping audiences understand:

Why crowds adored Him, 
Why religious leaders hated Him, 
Why the faithful followed Him.

Audiences will fall in love with Jesus all over again as they are surrounded on all sides with this artistic, emotional retelling of the Life of Christ, from His humble birth to His triumphant ascension. 

God’s Masterpiece is a 90-minute “flashback” of the events leading up to the crucifixion, narrated by the three women who visited the tomb on that first Easter morning. It combines stirring arrangements of traditional hymns with original music that captures the intense emotional journey made by the disciples and the awe-struck men and women who witnessed His teaching, His miracles, His suffering, and His triumphant resurrection. 

God’s Masterpiece portrays the volatile political tension between the Jewish religious leaders and Jesus, brought on by the frenzied enthusiasm surrounding the Messiah. It puts the famous “I AMs” of Jesus in context as seven disciples become participants in their own narrated “flashbacks” when He made such revolutionary statements as ” I AM the resurrection and the life.” 

Relive the events that altered our world forever; celebrate Jesus, God’s Masterpiece.

God’s Masterpiece Is:

Uncomplicated and inexpensive for the small church 

You don’t need the fancy set you see in these photographs. All you really need are some platforms, draped in black fabric and scattered throughout your auditorium, some costumes, some lights, a sound system to play the fully-orchestrated CD with vocals (included with the Performance Package), and some willing people, who will join together to tell the greatest story ever told.

Expandable to a grand spectacle for the mega-church 

Grow your cast into the hundreds, with live orchestration, a full choir, and a dance company. Build Jerusalem and Calvary in your sanctuary. The limitless potential of God’s Masterpiece will grow along with your imagination!

Ideal for the Christian School 

Equip the “young church” to tell His story year after year as the students grow up telling the story of the Gospel. Make God’s Masterpiece an annual event in your community.


Five stirring, original songs are woven into a script that lets you “fall in love with Jesus,” then it takes you from “The Last Supper,” to “The Garden of Gethsemane,” “The Crucifixion,” “The Resurrection,” and culminates with “The Great Commission,” at “The Ascension.” Enjoy a pictorial tour of God’s Masterpiece.



The Pieta - Mary with the body of Jesus on her lap, and the 3 crosses behind her.


The story moves naturally through the staging of six artistic masterpieces, as actors hold their pose for a moment, then move on with the story. Begin with only “The Last Supper,” then stage as many pieces as you feel you can in your facility. Grow into more masterpieces over time. Click here to enjoy the art of God’s Masterpiece.

A framed


This is a “Pageant in a Can.” You will receive everything you need in the Performance Package: 

 Complete script with technical cues 
 Soundtrack CDs with options to use the recorded vocals or us your own live choir. 
 Sheet music 
 God’s Masterpiece DVD showing staging, costuming, and set.

Click here to view the production information for God’s Masterpiece.


Your production can grow more complex in sets, costumes, and spectacle year after year as your church becomes known as the place that tells the story of Jesus, God’s Masterpiece

Click here to see the set options for God’s Masterpiece.

Women, dressed in flowing white outfits, dancing as Angels.

Cost Effective

Pay a one-time “conditional use fee” for the Performance Package, which contains:

– The script 
4 Performance Music CDs 
A full show DVD 
A production CD with images, production information, marketing tools
Sheet music


Roman soldiers guarding the sealed tomb.


Click here to review the Performance Package, and the affordable, one-time cost of God’s Masterpiece.

If you want to view a complete performance BEFORE you buy, click here to order the Performance DVD.


Imagine this happening in your church or school: 

The lights dim… 

A hush falls over the audience…

The three women, who went to the tomb on that first Easter morning, announce their presence by singing the age-old hymn, “I Love To Tell The Story.” The play is a flashback of their experience with the Savior. These three become the narrators of the events that are about to unfold. As the narrators exit, the 5-minute God’s Masterpiece Prologue begins. Each of the 22 “still-life poses” is lit for just an instant as the music swells and the narration gives the audience a preview of the Life of Jesus, from His humble birth to His triumphant resurrection. 

A woman, dressed in Bible attire, holding a baby.

A scroll graphic that reads, "He was born the son of a virgin; A controversy even at birth."


…and the experience begins…

Click here to experience the entire God’s Masterpiece “Prologue.”