Vol. 8 – Beatitudes For Living


In 5 skits, the children learn what the “beautiful attitudes” expressed in the “Beatitudes” really mean. Harvey learns that the peacemakers truly are blessed and persecuted. He also discovers what it feels like to “hunger and thirst” for righteousness. Zelda learns how important it is to be gentle, and all the characters “mourn” their sinful nature and are grateful that Jesus is their Savior.

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This volume of five Skit Packages examines the spiritually “beautiful attitudes” expressed in the Beatitudes. Use the volume of Christian drama scripts for children to challenge the children to live victorious Christian lives.

Skits In this Volume:

  • Skit Package 1: Blessed Are The Peacemakers (Matthew 5: 9)

    Harvey has his hands full with Tina’s invasion in his garage, and the fight between Zelda and Clem. By making peace, Harvey learns that those who make peace please God so much that He is proud to call them sons and daughters.

  • Skit Package 2: Blessed Are The Gentle (Matthew 5: 5; Proverbs 15: 1)

    Zelda’s “naturally-gentle” character is accentuated after she begins taking karate lessons. She learns that God will bless those who are gentle by giving them the respect of others, and also a promise of a reward in Heaven. The contrast between a gentle person and a non-gentle person is clearly shown along with the results of the two.

  • Skit Package 3: Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness (Matthew 5:6)

    Harvey experiences hunger and thirst at school, and then learns about “hungering and thirsting for righteousness” from Pastor Rufus. We see “the new Harvey” helping others as he tries to strongly desire to please God in all that he says and does.

  • Skit Package 4: Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted (Matthew 5: 11, 12)

    The forming of “The Kidnap Club” doesn’t sound like something God would like, so Harvey the other characters he wants nothing to do with it. He receives persecution, but later discovers that it is far better to stand up for what you know God would want you to do rather than go along with the crowd and disobey Him.

  • Skit Package 5: Blessed Are Those Who Mourn (Matthew 5: 4; John 15: 5)

    “Being perfect” proves to be an impossible goal for all the characters. They all realize that we are incapable of living the Christian life on our own merit or power. We stress the need for God’s forgiveness and the indwelling power of His Spirit to accomplish it.

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The Peacemakers • The Gentle • Those Who Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness • Those Who Are Persecuted Because They Serve Me • Those Who Mourn


Matthew 5: 1-12; • John 15: 5


God calls our "beautiful attitudes" that match His, "blessed.", Understand that most of the time our "natural" attitudes are wrong., We need the Holy Spirit to have "beautiful attitudes"