‘Tis the Season – (Electronic)


Remaining spiritually focused on Christ at Christmas is the theme of this skit. At church, poor Cindy barely gets the Christmas story read. Her cell phone rings, her son switches car keys, and her other two kids announce that the Christmas tree fell through the window.


In this skit about keeping the focus on Christ during the frantic holiday season, Cindy approaches the platform to read the scripture, but the poor woman can barely concentrate on her Christmas reading of Luke 2:4-7.

Her cell phone rings; she brought her day-timer instead of her Bible; her son has her car keys and she has his, and her other two children walk onto the stage to confess that they knocked over the Christmas tree, and it fell through their plate glass window. She borrows a Bible from someone in the front row, and finally does read the story. She wishes everyone a merry Christmas, then rushes off stage as her two sons tell her every graphic detail of the Christmas tree disaster.

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Dramatic Category



Luke 2:7b


Keeping Christ in Christmas




1 woman, 3 children (16 years and younger)


4 minutes


A humorous look at the stress of the Christmas season, Presents distractions in a surprising way, Excellent for a sermon on priorities, holiday stress, or keeping Christ in Christmas