The Parable of The Unmerciful Servant


This “Fractured Parable” emphasizes the importance of forgiving others, just as God has forgiven us through Christ. It is an excellent introduction for a message on the importance of showing mercy to one another and the result of harboring hatred.


In the “Parable of the Unmerciful Servant,” Jesus tells the story of a righteous King, who forgives a slave who owes him a great deal of money. The forgiven servant, however, does not forgive his fellow-slave, who owes him only a small amount of money. When the King hears that the forgiven servant was unmerciful and did not forgive, as he was forgiven, the King has the unmerciful servant thrown into prison until he repays his entire debt.

The comparison is obvious and convicting between God, as the “King,” who forgives us, His “servants,” but who expects us to forgive each other, just as we have been forgiven.

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Dramatic Category

Fractured Parable


Matthew 18:21-35




Youth, adult, and family


6 players


7 minutes


A humorous look at forgiveness, Presents a convicting picture harboring hatred, Excellent for a sermon on forgiveness, mercy, God's love, or Christian love