The Influence of One – (Electronic)


This “Skermon” (skit/sermon) is a living picture of one person’s influence on the life path of another. The pastor comments during a freeze in the action as one person moves from the one who influenced him, to the next person whose life he is about to change. The sermon is in three parts.


In this “Skermon” (skit/sermon) about the power of one life to influence another, the stories of three modern giants of the Christian faith come to life: Henrietta Mears, Bill Bright, and Josh McDowell. Each one profoundly influenced the next one.

First, Henrietta Mears preaches to her college class in 1947. Next, Bill Bright, one of those college students listening to Henrietta Mears, breaks the freeze and walks into another playing space. The scene begins as he encourages the group with a new idea he has for an organization called “Campus Crusade For Christ.” Next, each member of the group from Scene 2 enters a new group made up of college-aged men and women, sharing their copies of “The Four Spiritual Laws.” One of those young men is Josh McDowell, who goes on to write, Evidence That Demands A Verdict, and begins a career as a youth-evangelist.

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Dramatic Category



Isaiah 6:8


The impact of one life


Adults and youth


17 players (male or female)


4 minutes


An eye-opening look at the profound influence on one person, Presents a hopeful picture of making a personal contribution in the kingdom, Excellent for a sermon on personal evangelism, leaving a legacy, or friendship, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!