King David’s Monologue


In this monologue, compromised integrity produces a casualty of lust. The royal conceit of King David leads him to abuse his power and murder Uriah. His justification sets the stage for a sermon on holiness and the surrender of our pride to the power of the Holy Spirit.


In this monologue, we hear the “inner dialogue” King David is having with himself as he gives way to his lust and justifies the decision to have Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, moved to the front line of battle.

Blinded to his own conceit and abuse of power, he clears the way for his relationship with Bathsheba and tries to preserve his honor as king. His breech of integrity causes chaos both in his personal relationships and in his relationship with God. Hear his reasoning and witness the pain connected with this destructive decision in a godly man’s life.

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Dramatic Categroy



2 Samuel 11


Pride, lust, power, justification


Men, youth, and adults


1 man


3 minutes


Astounding justification, Reveals the grip of lust, Excellent for sermons on lust, integrity, holiness, and self-control, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!