Close Encounters With Christians of the Wrong Kind – (Electronic)


The effect of a bad Christian witness is the topic of this “Skermon” (skit/sermon). Brian gets a “bad taste” of Christians after being yelled at by a street evangelist and escaping a theological argument. The pastor presents sermon parts during freezes in the vignettes or at the end during a group freeze.

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In this “Skermon” (skit/sermon) about evangelism, Brian encounters Christians three times.

First, he shields his little girl from an angry crowd of picketers led by an abrasive preacher who hurls abuses at passers by. Next, he finds himself between two men who become so enraged with each other over views of the end-times, that they don’t notice when Brian leaves. Finally, he has car trouble, but when a Christian offers him a ride, Brian has had such a bad taste of Christians that he decides to walk.

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Dramatic Category



Matthew 5: 14a, 16b


The connection between witness and behavior


Youth and adult


5 men, 1 little girl, 6 or more picketers


7 minutes


A sobering look at how negative witness destroys evangelism, Presents a realistic look at abrasive Christians, Excellent for a sermon on witnessing, testimony, or influence, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!