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Biblical Concepts Come Alive!

A woman, dressed in Bible costume, holds a large green water vase.


Christian Dramatic Monologues are dramatic, emotional reactions to life’s relationships
and crisis points against the backdrop of life.

Christian Dramatic Monologues provide very memorable introductions or conclusions for the pastor as he presents the church sermon. Dramatic Monologues give your drama ministry first-hand opportunities to link with the pastor to create a sermon illustration that will compliment any topical or expository sermon.

The faith, hope, and love that that fuel the Christian life are delightfully illustrated in these monologues that range in topics from the wages of sin to the grace of salvation, and from work place relationships to marriage and parenting. Christian Dramatic Monologues are divided into two categories: Monologues and Monologue Skits.

The actor who presents a Monologue actually becomes the character, in full costume and makeup, then gives the audience a glimpse into the character’’s inner-most thoughts as he or she struggles with life’s crises, marriage, family, and interpersonal relationships.

Monologue Skit is a type of Christian drama skit in which the central character takes a moment to “think about life” and delivers a monologue while the rest of the skit freezes. The events of the skit set the character up for an important emotional reaction that comes in the form of a monologue. The audience gets a first-hand look at the psychological struggle that the events of the skit create.

Enjoy Some Video Samples

The Samaritan Woman’s Monologue

In this Christian Drama Monologue, the Samaritan Woman laments her deep disappointment caused by relationship problems, and sets the stage for a sermon on the meaning of life, which only comes when we follow Jesus and find true love through the “living water.”



Click on the links for the two categories of Christian Drama Monologues below to view detailed descriptions of the scripts in those categories.  You will be able to purchase and download scripts there, as well. 

  • A man, dressed in Bible costume, depicts Elijah.


    The actor who presents a Monologue becomes the character in 
    full costume and makeup, and then gives the audience a glimpse into 
    the character’s innermost thoughts as he or she struggles with life’s 
    most intense relationships and crisis points.

  • An adult woman using a remote, with two teens arguing behind her.

    Monologue Skits

    Monologue Skits feature a central character who takes a moment to 
    “think about life” and who delivers a monologue while the rest of the 
    skit cast freezes. The audience gets a firsthand look at the 
    psychological struggle that the events of the skit creates.